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RIKEN Kids Yokohama is located on the premises of RIKEN Yokohama Campus. Surrounded by nature, it is a great place for children to grow up in.

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Summary of Daycare Service

Items Details
Types of childcare Regular and temporary childcare
Hours of service From 8:30 to 18:00 (extended hours: 18:00 to 20:00)
Closed Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, New Year holidays (December 29-January 3),and RIKEN Foundation Day
Eligibility Daycare for children of staff working at RIKEN, 57 days old–age six (pre-school)

【Regular Childcare】

  1. A parent/guardian of a child seeking admittance to the daycare center must basically be working at the RIKEN Yokohama (includes prospective employees). Prospective employees require a referral from their research team, which will be given to Human Resources in the Yokohama Administrative Division,
  2. The parents/guardians of the child are seeking admittance to the daycare center because of the need to work, etc. (verifying document required), and
  3. Application to other authorized daycare, etc. was not successful (verifying document required).
  4. Alternatively, persons whom the director of the Yokohama Administrative Division has determined to have a need to use the daycare center will also be considered as qualified.

【Temporary Childcare】

  1. Persons working at RIKEN who usually care for their children at home or use other daycare centers, but for some reason require urgent temporary daycare service at the Yokohama daycare center.
  2. Persons working at other RIKEN locations who are visiting RIKEN Yokohama for work.
  3. Visitors to RIKEN Yokohama for conferences and symposiums who require temporary daycare service.
  4. Interviewees visiting RIKEN Yokohama for job interviews of new hires.
  5. Other conditions for which the Director of the Yokohama Administrative Division determines there is a need to use the daycare center.
Capacity Regular childcare: 20 children
Temporary childcare: 8 children
Note: Of those regular and temporary combined, childcare capacity up to 6 children for those who are less than 1 year old
Terms of acceptance In principle, until the end of the fiscal year (When you start using the facility sometime from December to March, the term will be the end of the following fiscal year.)
Application period
  • 【Regular Childcare】 Applications will be accepted from 6 months prior to the desired month of enrollment to the last day of the second month prior to the desired month of enrollment.
  • 【Temporary Childcare】
    (Registration) up to 3 weeks before the desired date of use,(Reservation) up to 1 week before the date of use(Seasonal) up to 2 weeks before the date of use


Regular care service fee
Age (as of April 1) Fee (monthly)
0–12 months old 59,000 yen
1 year old 57,000 yen
2 years old 55,000 yen
3–5 years old 41,000 yen
Extension and temporary care service fee
Age (as of April 1) Fee (per 30 minutes)
0–12 months old 300 yen
1 year old 290 yen
2 years old 280 yen
3–5 years old 210 yen

※Extra expenses for meals, snacks, a blanket, a center-parent communication notebook and a cap will be charged separately.


Yokohama Human Resources Section Administrative Division

E-mail: kids-yk-hr[a]

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