Local Alliances

Local Alliances


The city RIKEN Yokohama calls home brands itself as “Yokohama, City of Life Science,” so we have developed strong partnerships with the municipal and prefectural governments.

We also eagerly engage the local community through efforts such as education programs in cooperation with Yokohama high schools and universities, and collaborative research with other R&D institutes in Kanagawa Prefecture.


Collaborations with YCU

In collaboration with neighboring Yokohama City University (YCU), RIKEN Yokohama fosters young scientists who will be instrumental in building life science research over the coming decades. RIKEN researchers visit YCU as guest professors and provide guidance for students as part of a cooperative graduate school agreement, and YCU graduate school students can take advantage of instruction opportunities in our advanced research environment.

Collaborations with YCU

Collaborations with YSFH

RIKEN contributes to the science education of high school students in various ways to help foster a new generation of science-literate youth. We have a cooperative agreement with Yokohama Science Frontier High School (YSFH), the first high school in Kanagawa Prefecture to specialize in science and mathematics, in which RIKEN researchers act as science and technical advisors for the school. We also provide guided tours of our research facilities for student groups, instruct student volunteers for RIKEN Yokohama Open Day events, and set up a RIKEN exhibition booth at the annual YSFH festival. We also hold joint programs with YSFH and international schools in Yokohama.

Collaborations with YSFHJoint program with YSFH and
Saint Maur International School

Joint Research

Joint Research with Prefectural Institutes

RIKEN works with prefectural research institutions such as Kanagawa Prefectural Fisheries Technology Center and Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Public Health as part of its collaborative agreement with Kanagawa Prefecture so that our research outcomes can pass back into the hands of prefectural residents as rapidly as possible. Joint research themes include technology development for flounder (flatfish) hatcheries and construction of an internationally compliant, comprehensive biochemical assay database for predicting carcinogenic chemicals.

Joint Research with Prefectural InstitutesKanagawa Prefectual Institute of Public Health


Local Events

RIKEN Yokohama holds various events in the local community to make our science more accessible to the general public. For example, we produce child-oriented, hands-on science events at the fall Tsurumi Rinkai (Waterfront) Festival to promote wider understanding of scientific concepts.

Local EventsTsurumi Rinkai Festival

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