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About iSYM

Integrated Symbiology (iSYM) is an interdisciplinary research program at RIKEN, studying organism-organism interactions. High biological diversity, which is built on numerous organism-organism interactions, ensures natural sustainability for all life forms, including us. 
We aim to understand how organisms interact with each other in the molecular level, revealing novel communication tools and controlling strategies developed by various life forms.

Upcoming Events

 November 20th, 2018
Frontiers in Rhizosphere Research@Yokohama RIKEN
Furhter information will follow soon!

Featured News Report

PacBio Training was held at Yokohama RIKEN.

PacBio Sequel training was held for five days (4/11-4/17). The schedule of training included from sample preparation untill sequencing. During the training, there was also a bioinformatics seminar by PacBio Asia. I hope the training was fruitful for everyone. Attendees were from a variety of research fields in symbiology so it was also a great opportunity to get to know each other. 

Recent Events


June 4th, 2018

Photo of Professor Scott C Peck

RIKEN International Symposium "Frontiers in Integrated Symbiology"

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Integrated Symbiology
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