A 2013 Science & Technology Week Event


Oct.4, 2013
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Sep.30, 2013
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Sep.18, 2013
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Aug.14, 2013
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Center for Sustainable Resource Science

  • Biomass in the environment
  • Using CO2 as a resource!

Center for Integrative Medical Sciences

  • Allergies and genes
  • Disease research and large-scale genome analysis
  • Autoimmune diseases and genes
  • Development of a novel cancer immunotherapy that induces both innate and adaptive immunity
  • How B cells fight against viruses!
  • Translational research using humanized mice
  • It's a microbial world
  • How do immune responses happen?
  • Mechanisms of T and B lymphocyte development
  • Single-molecule microscopy in Immunology
  • Solving the mystery of stratum corneum barrier function
  • Comprehensive approaches for understanding the immune system
  • Natural helper cells: a new player in innate immunity
  • Application of iPS cell technology for tumor immunotherapy

RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center

  • Explore the nature of life by considering the cell as a system

RIKEN Structural Biology Laboratory

  • The work of the Platform for Drug Discovery, Informatics and Structural Life Science
  • Introducing unnatural amino acids into proteins

Yokohama City University

  • Protein X-ray Crystallography for drug development
  • Biomass in the environment at a molecular level
  • Let's look at various creatures!
  • Gut microbiota and the gut immune system

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