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Exhibitions & Events

  • Hands-on Events[33events]

    Observe, experiment, take quizzes.
    Enjoyable science for all ages.

  • Facility Tours[11events]

    Tour experimental facilities normally closed to the public.Researcher-guided tours for some facilities.

  • Lectures[5events]

    Lectures that thoroughly explore the science of daily life or the latest research. Deepen your understanding of and interest in science.

  • Research Result Displays[28events]

    Large poster presentations to help you firmly grasp the latest research.Ask the presenting researcher questions to learn even more.

  • Video Presentaitions[1events]

    Experience the microscopic world by video!

  • Seminars[2events]

    The latest research presented in small-group seminars and designed to convey the appeal of science.


Visitors may bring food into the cafeteria, the lounge in front of the café and rest areas.


11:00-15:00 2F, Main Office Bldg


10:00-17:00 4F, Main Office Bldg/Central NMR Complex


10:00-17:00 2F, Main Office Bldg


11:00-15:00 4F, Main Office Bldg/Central NMR Complex


10:00-17:00 1F, Main Office Bldg


11:00-15:00 Entrance, East Research Bldg


10:00-17:00 2F, Central Research Bldg/2F, East Research Bldg/6F, North Research Bldg/2F, West Research Bldg

※Please be aware that cafeteria meals or convenience store selections may sell out depending on the number of visitors.
※No RIKEN goods will be available for purchase.

  • See. Touch. Experience. A special once-a-year opportunity to explore science.
  • RIKEN Yokohama Campus
  • Yokohama City University, Tsurumi Campus