Research Centers

Research Centers


RIKEN Yokohama is home to three research centers that explore life science and the environment from various scientific perspectives.

Although based in Yokohama, our centers also have operations at RIKEN’s Wako and Kobe campuses, where they carry out their research with the support of local RIKEN administration.

Center for Integrative Medical Sciences (IMS)

Yokohama Campus

The RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences (IMS) in Yokohama is contributing to the creation of new medical sciences for the future of human health. The new medical sciences combine the research of homeostasis that underpins our bodies and how its breakdown leads to disease with comprehensive analysis of the genomic diversity in individuals and identification of the genetic causes of disease and drug responsiveness. Our efforts are contributing to the advancement of personalized and preventive medicine for predicting individual diseases and the development of preventive methods and treatments tailored to the individual.

The Center for Integrative Medical Sciences

Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS)

Yokohama Campus, Wako Campus

Scientists at the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS) carry out research on the utilization of carbon, nitrogen and metallic elements, based on a fundamental understanding of various biological functions and chemical diversity, with the aim to contribute to building a more sustainable society. In the carbon project, they are investigating research on CO2 utilization by enhancing photosynthesis, while conducting metabolic engineering research using novel catalysts. In the nitrogen project, they are trying to develop high-yield plants with low input of fertilizers, and efficient ammonia production processes with novel catalysts. Finally in the metallic elements project, they are developing methods for recovering metals from urban mines through biofunctions of plants and microbes. Reduction of the use of rare metals, replacing them with newly developed catalysts using abundant metals is also their mission. In addition, the center is building research infrastructure based on metabolomics and chemical banks to promote the production and use of the biological resources needed for this research.

The Center for Sustainable Resource Science

Center for Life Science Technologies (CLST)

Kobe Campus, Yokohama Campus

RIKEN launched its Center for Life Science Technologies with two core purposes. One is to achieve key technologies for breakthroughs in the medical and pharmaceutical applications of life science. The other is to conduct groundbreaking research and development for next-generation life science. For these purposes, RIKEN is aiming to promote and further develop its distinguished knowledge and techniques on biomolecules to focus on three hierarchical levels: designing molecular structures at the atomic level, manipulating molecular function at the cellular level and tracing molecular dynamics at the whole-body level. Three organizations, the Division of Structural and Synthetic Biology, the Division of Genomic Technologies, and the Division of Bio-function Dynamics Imaging, will work together in this endeavor. Research and development programs will be carried out in collaboration with companies, universities, and international consortia in order to disseminate our achievements to the global community.

The Center for Life Science Technologies

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