RIKEN's response to the Great East Japan Earthquake

Director’s message

March 17, 2011
The Tohoku Earthquake struck north-eastern part of Japan on March 11, last Friday. It was the largest earthquake in Japan’s recorded history. The earthquake and tsunami have severely impacted our lives and the situation of nuclear power plant in Fukushima remains critical.

As of March 16, more than 12,000 people are reported to be missing or have lost their lives in the Tohoku region. More than 450,000 people have evacuated.

Fortunately, RIKEN Yokohama Institute is more than 250km away from Tohoku region and we did not suffer any casualties or severe damage. Yokohama Institute is operating almost as normal and release of radiation from Fukushima nuclear power plant has had no impact on our operations.

We are making our utmost effort to help contribute to the society. While taking precautions to maintain our own safety, we will cooperate by providing necessary information upon request to the government or municipal offices. We will also do as much as we can to save electricity while we continue with our research activities.

I am very much concerned about the foreign researchers and staff at our institute, many of whom were upset and confused by the earthquake and the subsequent paralysis of the transportation system. The limited information in English and other languages must also be frustrating.

We are making every effort to sending out necessary information inside and outside of RIKEN, maintaining close contact and cooperation with all stakeholders in order to ensure the continued dependability of our research activities.

Given the increased attention inside and outside of Japan, as director of RIKEN Yokohama Institute I would like to broadcast this message to reassure everyone that our institute remains both safe and steadfast.

Your continued assistance and understanding in these trying times is greatly appreciated.

Director, RIKEN Yokohama Institute

RIKEN's response to the Great East Japan Earthquake

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