Video Presentations

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West Research Building

Omics Science Center
The Central Dogma 3D

(Sound Renewal Edition)

Room W517, 5th floor, West Research Building
10:15-,10:45-,11:15-,11:45-,12:15-,12:45-,13:15-,13:45-,14:15-,14:45-,15:15-, 15:45-
(Required time: 20min.)
North Research Building

Research Center for Allergy and Immunology
1. Unlocking the mysteries of the immune system (RCAI)
2. Ushering in a New Era for Medical Care "Discovering New Therapies Using Immunologically Humanized Mice"
3. The beginning of symbiosis

Conference Room, 6th floor, North Research Building
Yokohama City University

Division of Genomic Information Resources
Central Dogma English

5th floor, Experiment Building