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* Seminar is given in Japanese.

Preparing for Infectious Diseases: Tuberculosis in Asia

Dr. Shinsaku Sakurada
Department of Respiratory Diseases, Research Institute, National Center for Global Health and Medicine

12:00-13:00,14:00-15:00 (limit of 40 persons each time) Room C210-C212, 2nd floor, Central Research Building

Infections know no boundaries. MEXT has implemented an international network, J-GRID (Japan Initiative for Global Research Network on Infectious Diseases), for research on new and reemerging infectious diseases.

Tuberculosis is an old disease. In recent years, however, the disease has once again become a serious concern due to multidrug-resistant variations, new cases in AIDS sufferers, etc. Japan is not immune to this trend, as group infections have been reported domestically. This seminar will look at tuberculosis research and treatment in Asia to discuss tuberculosis from a new perspective.

The tubercle bacilli that cause tuberculosis (photo provided by Yashihiko Suzuki)

Source: University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Department of Respiratory Medicine