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Facility Tours

*EThere will be a guide to explain in English.

Rooms E309, E311, E312, E314 and E316, 3rd floor, East Research Building

Laboratory for Genotyping Development, Center for Genomic Medicine and RIKEN Genesis Co., Ltd.

Demonstration of Genome-wide SNP Genotyping: How We Find the Differences between You and MeE

10:30-11:00, 14:30-15:00

Central NMR Complex

Systems and Structural Biology Center

Have a Look Inside One the World's Largest NMR Facilities

If you're going to visit the Yokohama Institute, then you need to come see our NMR facilities. Researchers will explain how NMR works and describe the research we do.

P2 Corridor, 1st floor, South Research Building

Omics Science Center

Genome Analysis Facility Tour

X-ray Room, 1st floor, Experiment Building

Division of Macromolecular Crystallography and Division of Protein Design

What X-ray Diffraction Devices Tell Us about the Shape of Proteins

No. 2 Computing Room, 2nd floor, Lecture Building

Division of Structural Bioinformatics

What's a Supercomputer? Let's Have a Look

NMR Facilities

Division of Structural Biology and Division of Molecular Biophysics

NMR Facilities Tour: Learn How We Determine the Structure of Molecules